The Fintelegram Mafia’s Out To Kill The Truth And Coverup Their Partner’s Mischief

FinTelegram, a fake financial intelligence news website operated by behind-the-scenes serial criminals, is out to kill the truth about their partner’s multinational fraud businesses.

The FinTelegram mafia group comprising Ilan Tzorya, Werner Boehm and Elfriede Sixt have always defended one of their own, Ilan Tzorya, and a string of illegal businesses he operates with other several perpetrators under a 50-50 revenue share deal.

The mafia group is fighting so hard to keep the truth about Tzorya, EFRI-FinTelegram and its illegal operations a secret and continue scamming many unsuspecting victims more money in the name of legal fees to help them in the funds’ recovery process. The group continues stealing more and more money.

Tzorya, Boehm, and Sixt have been using gangsters to send threatening messages to our team to stop reporting the truth about their network of fraud businesses, or they would hurt us!

But with the support of the FinLeaks fraternity, reliable whistleblowers, and other people who’ve been supporting the fight for the truth and justice, we rem ain stronger than ever before and continue to dig deep into details of their fraud networks, warn the public to stay out of trouble, and expose them to the investigative agencies to take action against them.

The Fintelegram Mafia Group: How Do They Operate Their Behind-The-Scenes Circle?

The three FinTelegram Modern Mafia members, Werner Boehm, Ilan Tzorya, and Elfriede Sixt, have formed a complex cycle of fraud network, which begins with Tzorya and ends with Sixt.

Boehm, the founder of the blackmail system FinTelegram, Sixt, and Tzorya—one of the persons with significant control of the company has cooperated in various criminal activities—from online fraud, money laundering to extortion.

The chain starts with Ilan Tzorya luring famous business people into working with him under a revenue share deal. He offers to provide everything for the startup’s success, leaving his partner with nothing but a business image and having the business as their name despite Tzorya having a 50% stake behind the scenes.

After stealing from the unsuspecting investors, the business grabs public attention due to thousands of complaints, Tzorya would then snitch his partner to the police as the owner of the fraud network and feed the police with falsified information in exchange for his freedom.

If the partner seems to be fighting back for their rights and points a blaming finger on him, Tzorya would quickly deploy the FinTelegram’s keyboard warriours to defame the partners, accusing them of multiple crimes. Once the accused partners go to jail, Tzorya takes over the businesses.

Like for the case of Gal Barak and Uwe Lenhoff, FinTelegram would publish many articles about their adversary with falsified information intended to tarnish their names and make them appear evil while distancing themselves from the very fraud business they started and funded.

But, what makes it easy for Ilan Tzorya to takeover businesses? He grants his close confidants a power of attorney (POA), allowing them to take control of the company once his partners are jailed.

Inside Ilan Tzorya’s Business Takeover Strategy

Ilan Tzorya plans a complete business takeover at its startup. Being the pioneer and master of the entire outfit, he sets out a predatory plan that may look essential to business operations, which, in the end, turns out a well-calculated strategy to have control of the business after the partners are arrested.

The details of our investigative findings show Gal Barak being nothing more than a strawman. Tzorya and his close confidants running his fraud businesses took over critical roles, allowing Barak to only sign the required documents without questioning.

Based on the details of the email conversation, Tzorya and his team prepared a list of people to be granted POAs without consulting Barak or giving a suction concerning the same.

Milena Kabadzhova, who was the defacto signatory, provided a list of the chosen few to be granted POA based on Tzorya’s instruction without Barak’s involvement, showing how Barak was left out of key business decision-making processes, despite working with Tzorya.

Although Barak was one of Tzorya’s partners, he had pretty little to say about the business, and all he could do was sign the required papers. As strawman, his operations were directed by Tzorya. Therefore, he would do anything instructed by Tzorya.

“Let me know what I need to sign from my side ill do it asap,” said Barak. From Barak’s response, it’s straightforward he was only required to sign as Ilan Tzorya had the final say over every decision made with the entire Tradologic network.

The email evidence also shows Tzorya instructing Barak to check with “Georgio” about the documents he was required to sign. Barak would sign the documents without questioning or contradiction as he was not the master, but just a business icon, with Tzorya controlling all the operations.

In a separate email conversation between Tzorya and his team, Gal Barak tells Milena Kabadzhova they would have to wait for Tzorya to approve the people named for powers of attorney.

The Tzroya indictment includes Michael Golod, and Milena Kabadzhova, the serial criminals included in Ilan’s indictment by the Vienna Prosecution. Michael and Milena were at the core of the fraud operations, controlling the company’s bank accounts and other critical processes.

Michael Golod has been one of Tzorya’s right hand in Tradologic operations. He’s Tzorya’s former CEO and has mastered the art of running Tzorya’s fraud networks, while Tzorya takes a behind-the-scenes control of every operation undertaken by his appointees.

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